Simon Chainsaw & the Forgotten Boys

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The Forgotten Boys hail from Sao Paulo, Brasil and play a Johnny Thunders/Stones brand of sleazy grassroots rocks'n'roll. Simon hooked up with the "boys" when he was touring with Marky Ramone in Brazil during the summer of 2000. By the second gig of the tour Simon was jamming onstage with the Forgotten Boys and soon became a fixture cranking out a craze-frenzied version of Iggys evergreen "Search and Destroy". At the end of the tour they hit the studio and the result is the BASTA CD out now on Tronador Records Brazil.

simonhangar1ath.jpg (16174 bytes)   simonhangar2athm.jpg (14300 bytes)  simonhangar3athm.jpg (11945 bytes) Hanger 110 (Sao Paulos home of punk'n'roll)...

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Joined by members of one of Brazils biggest alternative bands "Planet Hemp", One of Brazils original and highly respected punk bands "Innocentes" and the Sao Paulo's up & coming "Okoto", this disc is filled with rock hard jams smattered with melody and catchy choruses.... when Simon sings the line "the only thing I care about is Rock'n'Roll" on the discs opening track "thinking 'bout it" he aint kidding!!!!!!!

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OUT NOW in Brazil on Tronador Records, the disc is destined to be a cross cultural landmine of explosive, uncompromising rock'n'roll!!!


simonopinao2athm.jpg (10203 bytes)    withFboys1ath.jpg (15728 bytes)  simonopinao1athm.jpg (9680 bytes) Bar Opinao, Porto Allegre in front of 2,000 screaming fans....

check out photos of the recording sessions here!!!!