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 "I gave you a pack of Strohs,
You never drank 'em down
You just keeping drinking Rolling Rock,
You know I can't hang 'round"

-I-94 (Tek/Jones)

The I-94 Bar presents its review forum for recorded works.

Not many bad reviews here because we don't review shit.

If you want to run the gauntlet and submit some music we might like, drop us a note.

Guest reviewers are welcome. The pay sucks but so does a lot of music.


POINT BLANK - The Chainsaw Men (NKVD Records):
This is a tremendous CD. It rocks in a way that reminds me of the Trilobites, an under-rated '80s Sydney band that never got their just desserts. That's probably an inadequate comparison - this is better than 90 percent of their output and there's a definite English feel to some of the songs. It's the result of a musical collision of Simon Drew, the ex-singer from another Sydney band the Vanilla Chainsaws (a band I never really got - I should have listened harder), and drummer Steve Gardner, late of San Diego's Gamma Men and an expert on - and flagbearer for - most Aussie and European indie music via his late, lamented fanzine Noise for Heroes. The project was organised over the Internet and laid down in San Diego by host Garder, a holidaying Drew, Gamma Man Dave Elizondo and studio owner Richard Livoni. You can read the full story of how this CD was recorded here (it should be called What We Did On Our Holidays) - suffice to say songs like Bad Timing, Meltdown, 100 Miles Away, the sublime Took My Love and You Used to Matter to Me are as catchy as hell. Poppy and rocking - shit, NKVD's own slogan says it better: Energy, Melody and Guts. E-mail Steve and see if you can buy a copy. Better still, if you're a major label, give this the distro it deserves. Link to Simon "Chainsaw" Drew's web site here.

The I-94 Bar Rating System:


Awesome. Buy or die. The Godhead. A rating rarely given.

Fantastic. Destined to be played again and again.

Mildy great. Some worthwhile tracks, possibly some filler, but pretty well worth the investment.

Potential hangover material. Continuous exposure will ruin your ears. May contain a good track but, like low-strength beers, is largely avoidable.

Flat as a tack. Warm and stale like Tooheys Draught in a can. Cat's piss. Sample at your own risk.

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